Hi. You’ve discovered the About page for my weblog. Please allow me to introduce myself: most professionals call me Kenneth, my current friends call me Kenny, but my earliest of friends and family use my initials, KJ, which was originally used to distinguish me from my great-grandpa Kenny Swaim, for whom I was named. A name doesn’t tell you much about me or this blog though. Basically, this website log is a place for me to share content, creations, writings, photography, and films about the myriad of topics that interest me. The site is more of a web log for me, but I’m sure there are useful things I’ve learned that are applicable to other humans, so I’m sharing my learnings and content with anyone willing to read, watch, and listen.

What are some things you might see on this blog? Quite a variety of things. I have experience in vast array of topics. This blog is a place for me to share those experiences and connect with like-minded humans that may have shared experiences or are interested in learning about mine. I listen to a LOT of music. I don’t play any instruments, but I create custom, themed playlists on Spotify. I customize my own album covers and write clever descriptions, often using the 300 character limit to share some knowledge. I watch a LOT of films, movies, and videos across the many different streaming platforms. I intend to post some of my video summaries and reviews and share my recommendations. I enjoy documenting my life experiences through the use of photography and videos. I am continually learning how to tell a story and use my photography and videos to help visualize and tell the story. Sometimes, I just document the current events or an experience without a story. The experience or content itself IS the story. Sometimes I just need to write my thoughts and express myself through words.

In short, you’re likely to encounter all sorts of seemingly unrelated topics and content on this blog. I thank you for taking the time to visit and explore what I’ve shared. In 2021, mobile devices have become so ubiquitous that it seems like everyone, everyone’s parents, everyone grandparents, and even everyone’s great grandparents have a device connected to the ever-expanding “world wide web” aka The Internet. You have so many content options to choose from. I’m just a single human, making my way through this thing we call Life on planet Earth. The fact that you chose to even read this page is humbling and I’m ever grateful. Thank you for reading and I hope you remain entertained, learn something, and maybe even leave a comment so we can connect further.

Let’s connect!