Mid-November Hickory Creek Hike

Such a great day for a hike! Today, Saturday, November 14, 2020, temp was 84° F with wind gusts up to 20 MPH. We saw big beautiful clouds and the latter part of the annual color change of the foliage.

The Hickory Creek Trail has several convenient trail heads. We chose the parking lot just south of the bridge on FM 2499 that crosses Hickory Creek and the northwest fork of Lake Lewisville. This trail is frequently used by equestrian folk, so just stay alert and keep your dogs close and/or on a leash. Also, keep your head up and pay attention to the tree roots and multiple rock outcroppings, as these pose tripping hazards.

From the trail head, heading west, you walk through a tunnel under FM 2499. The trail winds slowly through the forest edge, following the winding Hickory Creek. There are a couple places where the trail is close to the water’s edge, including an interesting, scenic panoramic perch where you can watch a few small water craft drifting along, fishing.

Highly recommended trail, close to Denton, Corinth, Highland Village, and Flower Mound. Have you walked this trail before? What were your favorite memories? If not, tell me about a memorable trail you’ve recently hiked. 😎

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