Road-trippin’ for Thanksgiving

Autumn has fallen. The signature color scheme for this season is but only a memory. As we trek across the Midwest to be with our family for Thanksgiving, I can’t help but notice very few leaves still cling to their trees. Those that do remain are shades of brown. Their once vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, now fully depleted. The white bark of the sycamore trees and the evergreen needles of the pines are the last remaining splashes of color to catch your eyes.

Here at the eastern edge of the US Central Time Zone, the sun seemingly sets earlier than Dallas. Granted, we’ve had cloud cover the entire day, but it’s only 4:35 PM and nearly dark outside. Oh how I long for the winter solstice to arrive. The upside is that once we cross the Indiana state line, time jumps ahead one hour, a step closer to normal.

American Sycamore,

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