Partial Lunar Eclipse – Nov 19, 2021

Friday, November 19, 2021, 3:15 AM CST

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Longest Lunar Eclipse in 580 Years!

#nightsky #observation

39°F and I’m standing out here on my back patio in shorts, a hoodie and house slippers, equipped only with a pair of binoculars. Was humbling experience seeing the clear night sky with the nearly full lunar eclipse in all its glory, at about 265° West, looking up at about a 45° angle. The full Moon, which had hours earlier, lit up the night, was now muted and tinted in red hues.

Pics from a mobile device can’t do this observation justice… but, thankfully Ray’s Astrophotography YT Channel was running a live stream of the event, and my handy dandy Sky Guide app is useful for some AR screenshots and labeling of the visible objects:

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