Sorta kinda calaveras literarias for 2020

Oct 31-Nov 2 is known as Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead. This is a holiday celebrated by many of the Latin American countries, especially Mexico, which honors and remembers our friends and family members who died. I will not be able to conveniently visit the gravestones of those I remember because I now live in Texas and those resting places are over 900 miles away. So, in the spirit of the holiday, I am writing a collection of “calaveras literarias” about the deceased (rather than traditionally about someone living) as a humorous eulogy to help me remember the silly and funny aspects of those loved ones. Rest In Peace, Family

1991 – Kenneth J. “Kenny” Swaim

“Papaw”, my mom’s mom’s dad

Papaw let me drive his lawnmower; we hooked up the trailer with our tools, ready to clear the debris; I kept pushing the throttle forward, but he said, “Go slower!”; not paying enough attention, I drove the tractor up a tree.

1992 – Phyllis Jean Swaim Henseler

“Grams”, my mom’s mom

1997 – John “Johan” Schilling

Gramps’ best friend

1997 – William J. Swaim

“Uncle Bill”, my mom’s mom’s brother

1998 – Derek Alan Hartman


2001 – Jessica Ellen Martin


2003 – Fred Bloebaum Jr.

my brother’s dad’s dad

2004 – Freddie Bloebaum

my brother’s dad

2010 – Shelby Nicole McCarter

my youngest sibling

2011 – Reba Preece Swaim

“Mamaw”, my mom’s mom’s mom

2015 – Dawn Michelle Henseler Starr

“Auntie”, my mom’s sister

2017 – Elaine Henseler

“Nan”, Gramps’ second wife

2019 – Gilbert Ed McCarter

Shelby’s dad, my mom’s 3rd husband

2020 – Tommy Allen Oaks

“N9QAQ”, my mom’s 2nd husband